Course Information

SPED 6210: Universal Design for Learning (Online -Fall and Spring Offerings)
Graduate School of Education and Human Development
George Washington University

Course Description
This course provides an overview and introduction to universal design for learning (UDL), including contemporary issues, applications of digital and assistive technologies, and tools for developing a comprehensive plan for the implementation of UDL. The design of curricula and learning environments that can meet the needs of all learners is a challenge. Often, attempts are made to retrofit a situation or environment and attempts to restructure or adapt fall short of offering a more holistic solution. Universal design for learning is an educational framework that provides educators/practitioners with the knowledge and skills to anticipate learner variability in the classroom and design instructional environments that can benefit all learners. The major theme of UDL is that instruction and assessment approaches should offer multiple means of representation, multiple means for action and expression and multiple means to engage the learner.

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