2012 Summer Graduate UDL Course Offering

It’s on the books! We will be offering this course for the ninth year again at George Washington University — Alexandria Campus. This is a hybrid model course with one week of intensive face-to-face instruction, hands-on technology exploration, and group dialogue. Guest lecturers from various schools and agencies within the Washington, DC metro area are often weaved into this week long session. In the past these have included individuals from the CASTNational Center for Technology InnovationNational Education AssociationThe IDEA Partnership, GW Faculty, and several local school divisions. The week long session is continued through distance exchanges and the use of online course portals.

Universal Design for Learning, SPED 201/TRED 210: A hybrid model course design with two weekends of face-to-face instruction followed by online discussions, content and projects.

Face-to-face weekends: F/S July 13/14, 2012  and F/S July 27/28, 2012

Course Instructors:

  • Dr. Frances Smith, CVE – Adjunct Professor, George Washington University
    2011-12 UDL Postdoctoral Fellow – CAST & Boston College
  • Dr. Susanne Croasdaile – Visiting Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

For local information about course details contact:

  • Dr. Pam Leconte, Assistant Research Professor
    Graduate School of Education and Human Development
    GW University, Washington, DC
    pleconte@gwu.edu | 202-994-1534
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1 Response to 2012 Summer Graduate UDL Course Offering

  1. Patti Shaffer says:

    Is this a 3-credit university course? How do enroll in the course? Please send pertinent information to tchur123@aol.com.
    Thank you

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